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  • 9/20, 2019, Urban Economics Workshop,Kyoto University, Presentation Title: Nationality Bias at Home and Abroad: Theory and Evidence from Commercial Real Estate.
  • 8/19, 2019, The 62nd ISI World Statistics Congress, invitation session (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia), Presentation Title: Compilation of the Commercial Property Price Index (CPPI) and Its Use in Japan.
  • 8/17, 2019, Society for Economic Measurement, (The European Central Bank, Frankfurt, Germany).Presentation Title: Housing Rent in CPI.
  • 7/30, 2019, Asian-Pacific Real Estate Research Synposium (Guangzhou, China), Presentation Title: Geography and Realty Prices: Evidence from International Transaction-Level Data.
  • 7/9, 2019, Asian Real Retate Society (Shenzen, China), Panel session with Prof. David Geltner(MIT), Presentation Title: Commercial Property Price Indexes in Japan -Data sources, Methods and New metrics-.
  • 2/21, 2019, International Conference on Real Estate Statistics 20 – 22 February 2019, European Convention Center, Luxembourg, European Commission, Presentation Title: Residential property price index in Japan: discussion in methodology and data sources.
  • 1/5, 2019, The ASSA 2019 annual meeting, (Atlanta, US), Presentation Title: Gravity, Counterparties and Foreign Investment.(with Cristian Badarinza and Tarun Ramadorai).
  • 1/5, 2019, The ASSA 2019 annual meeting, (Atlanta, US), Presentation Title: Spatial Estimates of Bubbles: Tokyo House Prices and Rents. (with Xiangyu Guo, Yongheng Deng and Daniel McMillen).



BIS・IFCからCommercial Property Price Indexのレポートが出版されました。清水が国際会議で議論に参加するとともに、複数の論文が引用されています。

2019年度に採択されたPeer Review Papers:

  • Diewert, E and C.Shimizu (2017) , “ Alternative Land Price Indexes for Commercial Properties in Tokyo,” Review of Income and Wealth, forthcoming. DOI (10.1111/roiw.12443).
  • Kawai,K, M. Suzuki and C. Shimizu (2019), “Shrinkage in Tokyo’s Central Business District: Large-Scale Redevelopment in the Spatially Shrinking Office Market” Sustainability-491795. published online:
  • So, T and C.Shimizu (2019), “Housing Facilities and Housing Rent” peer review book in Purchasing and Supply Management, ISBN 978-1-78984-973-8.
  • Suzuki, M., S. E. Ong, Y.Asami and C.Shimizu (2019), “Long-Run Renewal of REIT Property Portfolio Through Strategic Divestment” Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, forthcoming,
  • Nishi, H., Y. Asami, and C.Shimizu(2018), “Housing Features and Rent: Estimating the Microstructures of Rental Housing” International Journal of Housing Market and Analysis, forthcoming, DOI (10.1108/IJHMA-09-2018-0067).



  • 清水千弘(2019),「環境不動産の経済的価値の評価と政策的課題」環境情報科学48-1,63-67.

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-指数理論: Index Theory

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-応用ミクロ経済学: Applied Micro Economics
-不動産経済学: Real Estate Economics